4th Grade

The For the Love of Texas series has two primary objectives: (1) to provide students with basic factual information about significant events and people in Texas history; and (2) to introduce students to important (and sometimes controversial) questions about the way Texas history has traditionally been represented in textbooks. Each book in the series combines up-to-date research on recent discoveries and new interpretations of the meaning of selected historical developments with more traditional narratives and sources regarding well-known events and personalities. Just as importantly, the series presents Texas history as part of the larger histories of the Native American, European, Mexican, American, and African-American people who interacted with one another—for better or for worse—in the geographical, colonial, imperial, and national space called “Texas.”

The For The Love of Texas uses comic illustrations to attract and maintain the attention of 4th graders. The books reinforce 4th grade TEKS by explaining:

  • the history of Texas from the earliest human settlement through the Texas Revolution;
  • how early Native Americans in Texas met basic survival needs;
  • economic motivations for European exploration and colonization;
  • reasons for the establishment of Spanish missions;
  • how Native Americans governed themselves; and characteristics of Spanish and Mexican colonial governments in Texas.

Apache indians, colonists, Mexico and Texas History

After reading the For The Love of Texas series 4th graders will better understand:

  • social and political tensions that challenged developing Texas;
  • historical factors surrounding major events;
  • how events and decisions made in the state’s early years connect to later events; and
    short-term and long-term consequences of the important events that occurred during this time period.

Upon completion of the For The Love of Texas books, students should be able to describe:

  • why historical events occurred and how they shaped present Texas;
  • how economic factors influenced slavery;
  • how people from many backgrounds contributed to the development of Texas;
  • how people from different social groups contributed to the growth of Texas culture;
  • which economic and social factors played a major role in the early historical development of Texas; and
  • the economic development of Texas and the relationships among people from different racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.


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